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Mumble Jumble – “Prophecy”

Hip Hop artist “Mumble Jumble” puts out a latest single tagged “Prophecy.” This comes a month after he dropped “2 Sides.” 

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Best rapper in Africa, that’s a prophecy!
When you look at me, there is something you suppose to see.

Verse 1:

I know we can. 
Luinzi fa point ya no return.
Neisañoli pen,
History Yona it’s now written.
I spit the holy thing.
You blind, amuboni kono liteni
Zemubata. Yo! listen!
I’m among the only ten rappers.
Chosen one!
Bukuba anici, isa kafo lico zamina.
Yeah, Mbunga haisafela kakuli toze ninani.
Babata kunisulula mali batoze minañi.
Rap yaka haitokwi litoho zenyinyani.
I’ve bee on the move.
I’m running late, how can I reduce?
How can I be you?
I’ve been through the bush to the booth.
I know the definition of a loose,. I’m the truth 


Best rapper in the World, that’s a prophecy!
I’m heading to the top like apostrophes!


All eyes on we mina!
My teams and I, we winning.
Welcome to my beginning.
Yatoya u bumai believe me.
Tell ’em it’s nice to meet me. 
I put some lights in this bxtch.
My hand is writing history.
I had to pay the price to be free.
Nebali, ‘aikoni mission.’
But I was the icon missing.
Yatoya Mbunga asikakwana inge apple fa iPhone, listen.
I blew(blue) like Micheal Essien.
Too bright that I might go vega.
And my toe is itching 
from running the game, I’m Tyson spitting.
Best rapper alive.
Kono abazibi nekele mwa lapa lahesu.
I wanna live this upper life
Yakucanga supper rice.
Kona micaha ba sebaniapala esi.
Lead ’em from the back, make ’em feel great.
Put my name in the books besides a few greats.
You tryna lock me up inside a steel cage.
You’ll never live to see my skill fade.
Nebali Luna amatuer mu fella.
The way we came up inge za ma charm fela.
Abamubuha inge bakamuca Mukela.
They say they reigning, neba kakumutamukela!


Prophecy! Prophecy!
One day nikananula si trophy se!

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