Rich Kid Barotse’s Double Release. Why the other ONE Flopped

The Kwa Bulozi Most Wanted recently dropped two records “Fly As One” and “Nipempako” both hits, but one of them flopped. Why did it flop? Well, continue reading to find out.

Rich Kid Barotse is not new to dropping hit songs, after his 2018 hit “Silize” the rapper since then has released countless hits. His recent singles are no exception, but why did the other one flop? which one flopped? and what do I mean it flopped? …

When an artist releases two songs at the same time, two things can happen, it’s either fans will embrace both songs, or they will choose one of the songs thus ignoring the other one. “Nipempako” in this case was ignored thus making it a “flop.” What do I mean it’s a flop?

a flop is usually when a song doesn’t do well on charts.

It’s a flop because it didn’t perform as well, and people ain’t really paying too much attention to it as they are to “Fly As One” but it still a good song.

I think the other reason fans overlooked the song is because the rapper used Nyanja instead of the usual Lozi raps his fans know him for.

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