Mr P Zed indirectly calls out Jah Boy over copied song

Kalabo based artist Mr P Zed has come out to express his disappointment on what he’s calling lack of creativity.

On his new post he writes “am not looking for attention but this really needs everyone’s attention.”

“So am scrolling down on my news feed and i see a song done by two mbunga hit makers, lovely artwork and am like let me listen to it, to my surprise the song is an exact copy of a song done by one of Zambia’s leading dancehall artist, my mbunga brothers copied even the lyrics and translated them into lozi and here i am asking myself where is the creative part here 🤔🤔🙄And then you will see their blind followers comments like hit hit hit 😢😢 Without saying alot let me end by saying for our industry to grow we need to start being honest with ourselves artist including the fans. “

“Respect to all those that are working so hard to bring out new ideas and classic records.”

The song being talked about here is Neukatapa by Jah Boy Croosfeek with Rich Kid Barotse, apparently people other than Mr P Zed have also pointed out that the song sound like that of T Sean titled Jacuzzi.

Neukatapa by Jah Boy Croosfeek with Rich Kid Barotse
Jacuzzi by T Sean

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