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Jah Boy – Punishment Mp3 Download

Download Jah Boy – Punishment Mp3

Mbunga’s top-selling musical artist Jah Boy Croosfeek is back again with yet another impressive 2022 single titled Punishment, a soulful song about an ex who can’t seem to find a stable relationship ever since they broke up. He says it’s a punishment for how unwell the lady used to treat him (karma).

Punishment mp3 by Jah Boy is definitely going to make noise on the streets given the clout the artist has on the mbunga scene. This particular single comes after he dropped Naya Kuluna a song that also received positive feedback. Punishment is produced and mastered by Jah Boy.

Stream & Download!

Quoted lyrics;

Nali kumufulalela, nikanakoe hakuna hande yamubabalela. Monifitile niyena basweli wakandekela Uli nimutu yamaswe but namulapelela,,..Neabata replacement, Molusiyanezi afi hande batu statement, habangi mwa lilato nako yetelele ma Dissapointment. Usinya nako yabatu aapeti Agreement,..yo kona judgement…. Ki punishment…


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