Edgar Lubasi Jr popularly known as ‘Rich Kid Barotse‘ (RKB), Kwa Bulozi Most Wanted is a self made rapper from Zambia particularly Western Province. Rich Kid Barotse is known for dropping hit songs, in relation to his style of rap, the way he rhymes and a magnificent kind of punchlines.

He is a creative artist, rapper and activist. His visionary perspectives has awarded him so many opportunities to work with different artists across the country. His touch on the mic has earned him 4 years in the industry entertaining and influencing the young people through his music. His approach to the game is so inspiring.

The rapper owns a record label to his name, were many artists are signed under, namely ‘THE MOVEMENT RECORDS‘. He also has a viral say of ‘SO KONA ZEO‘ which means ‘So That’s That’, giving emphasis and conclusion to statements.

The rapper is only 21 but his aggressive approach has earned him a space on the table of legends in Westside Music, tagging him one of the G.O.A.Ts to embrace the mic with just 4 years in the industry.
Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Trap, R&B/Soul
Sesheke – Katima Mulilo.
The Movement Records, M Beats Generations Music, Delta Records, Rise Above Music Etc.
So Kona ZEO.

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