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The 8 Members Western Province ZAM Committee finally Officially Steps down.

Mr. Owen Lubinda famously known as O’nelly Muzic on behalf of his executive being the Provincial chairperson confirmed this in his own official written farewell massage following their term of office which came to an end earlier this year..

The committee which consisted of 8 members was only left with the chair and his vice madam Monde Mbanga aka MoMo DiVa , as the rest could not stand the critics & sometimes sacustic languages that the artists especially from the ZAM Mongu (WhatsApp group) were shooting at them with.
Such heat, at the time artists and other members tried to consider requesting the two to at least hold the seats up to the extended date of electing the interim committee, they refused in honor of what the constitution states.
& In addition they said, “our time has come to an end & term of office elapsed, we need to give chance to others”. This they freely expressed themselves without intimidation & they maintained the fact. Below is a quote from the vice’s farewell message:

“Having been officially relieved of my duties as ZAM Provincial Vice Chairperson, I write to inform you that I’m withdrawing from my responsibility as group moderator. I was moderating in my capacity as Vice Chairperson because it was a committee led program.
Kindest Regards.🙏🏾”

Officially, Reporting on behalf of Provincial ZAM publicity Office

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