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Rich Kid Barotse – “Appreciation post 5”

Trending on the Mbunga Stories are the Rich kid barotse highlights. Today the kwa bulozi most wanted took it to himself to appreciate and recommend his label mate, singer and producer Brand New Brizzy Zambia. The rapper enumerated how he started believing in Brizzy at a stage he could only have an idea of production to a point where he is now.

Dope beats, dope Vocal engineering, Keep it up legend in the making” he said.

And still went on disclosing that Brizzy is now almost every other artist in the West’s favorite producer because of his creativeness and humbleness, when it comes to being controlled he listens and vise-versa. Otherwise, you can check out works done from/through the Movement records for further clarity here on the site also on our Facebook page Westside Music. So Kona Zeo. #Keepitwest.

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