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Never give up, your faith is your greatest weapon says Issy Presh

Why there is an increase in the levels of suicide and depression. We all go through a lot of problems, disappointments.

And un separable pressure.
Many at times we think ending our lives is the best solution to our circumstances.

Mental health Problems exist in each and every situation, depression is the main factor contributing to the levels of suicide.
Many at times we look for mental health counselors to solve our problems.

But now let’s think about those who can’t afford the health specialists,
All these problems can be solved by God.
Only if we give our lives to God, indeed he can control everything,
When ever we go through these problems, always let’s remember that God is the “CONTROLLER”.

If we give all our problems to him, all our depression and desire to commit sucide will be gone.
Let’s work hard and be a brother’s keeper,
Always look up to God and say “ooh lord here I am, I need you in my life” No matter the situation.

God is the CONTROLLER.
Preach peace love and mercy ❤️❤️

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