Mr Success “Walilato Album” Featured Artists

Following the announcement for his new album, Mr Success disclose the list of artist he has featured in his album, which is, Rexmo, Triple Junior, Jah boy, Gizzy boy, Y.T Feyol, Cryple, Kadaffi, Mr Me, Maxlone alfro Jay, J.R 99, Kelvin Troy, Reen Baby & Foster, De Owner, Jay Triple Ceezy, Crazy Rapper B. Force, Stone D

From the list above, Gizzy boy is the most featured artist as he is the producer and singer for Hard money records studio where Mr Success is signed with Y.T Feyol, Cryple, Crazy Rapper and B.Force. Jay Jay Zambia and Sky D Wilz are other Hot artist signed under Hard money records studio but they are not appearing on the list because they have not yet linked up with Mr Success in a song.
The album has been organized and sponsored by Hard money records studio.

Producers: “Marko-p, Gizzy boy, Jah boy, Maxlone alfro Jay, Albert, Jay Triple ceezy, Mr Me and J.R 99.” The album is split into three parts, from 1 to 9 Mr Success is talking about positive part of love. From 10 to 17 Mr Success is talking about the negative part of love. From 18 to 28 Mr Success is talking about his life style. The album is generally about love, peace and unity. Advises and encouragements of hardworking is most emphasized in the album.

Blake Zambia ft. Triple M – Pampamina

Yo Maps ft Berita - Fatima

Dizmo - Single Na Taken

KB - Diary 13 [2023]

Chile One - Iseni Mutambe [HOT NOW]

T Sean ft Triple M & D Bwoy - Grab Something

Macky 2 - I'm Sorry [NEW]

Alifatiq - Nkhuku Yavala Ma Igoli [LATEST]

Harmonize - Single Again

Chef 187 - Broke Nolunkumbwa [ZIP FULL ALBUM]

Chanda Na Kay ft. James Sakala - Dior [You Look Nice]

Vinchenzo ft. Slapdee - Machimo

Jah Boy ft Y Coasty - Kandeke [LATEST]

Chile One ft Mwizukanji - I Love You

T Sean - Lelo Lelo

Chanda Na Kay - Zambia Izavina [ZIP FULL ALBUM]

Towela ft Chile One - Mutima

Ayra Starr – Sability

Ozone Africa - Charlie

Aqualaskin – Sate Sauzande Bae


Chef 187 – Broke Nolunkumbwa (ALBUM)DOWNLOAD
Chile One – I Love YouDOWNLOAD
Ozone Africa - CharlieDOWNLOAD
Chris Brown - Under The InfluenceDOWNLOAD
Ayra Starr - RushDOWNLOAD
Towela Kaira ft. Chile One – MutimaDOWNLOAD
T Sean - Lelo LeloDOWNLOAD
Y Coasty ft. Mumble Jumble – Balata ZendeDOWNLOAD
Yo Maps - FatimaDOWNLOAD
Nacci LP ft. Triple M & Drifta Trek - BaoyoDOWNLOAD
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