MoMo DiVa explains the origin of her #name “Lindumba lya Chipwevo”

Heavyweight female rapper MoMo DiVa aka the Taha lubone & Here for good hit maker came out on her social media account explaining how her tag line intro “Lindumba lya Chipwevo” came about. “Lindumba lya Chipwevo” which also happens to be the title of her first single of 2022 dropping tomorrow, for the link click here. And read bellow as she writes:


Lindumba Lyachi Pwevo – Lioness (Luvale) is a title I was given by friends I made in Lukulu in 2013. It was just after I had qualified for the top 10 ‘Talent Yapa Zed’ auditions which I contested as the only female rapper in the province.

Switkid, who also qualified, RaDiKoH, Bless his soul and I had a brilliant idea 💡 of using our 5 minutes of Fame to the fullest! I mean, it was 2013 and we were showing on TV country wide so why not tour!😂. (I’ll tell you about the tour later😂😂😂 Oh my!)

We got to Lukulu and we walked that town like Royalty 👑. Yes we walked, well mostly. We moved from the new market to the old market and by the time we reached there word had spread. ‘Ikiye uyo MoMo DiVa, Ikiye uyo’! 🥺 men! I was a Star!

We were garavanting the town with our hypeman and plug to Lukulu Skapa! a young sharp boy in love with Nambo😂🤦🏾‍♀️ who introduced us to Musoline. This man welcomed us wholeheartedly into his home and studio like family❤️ and I’m Forever Grateful.

I dropped a verse in Young Mulla, Musonda’s track where I introduced myself as MoMo DiVa. But I wanted to have a title and I asked for some ideas from my friends. The audacity I had to rap among boys and to rap my own damn song! brought about ‘Tau ya Musali’ but I wanted it in Luvale to have a connection to my people in Lukulu.

Thus came the phrase:



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