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Dear Mbunga musicians let’s learn to promote our own music as well Advises DJ D 13 : 45

As DJ D13:45 I just want to say something concerning our very own Mbunga Artist I have come to know that Mbunga Artist they really don’t have time to recognize the Music promoters and their works those guys who keep promoting your Songs and DJs who plays your songs must be recognized cause once there recognized by you Artists they feel that you really care and just that it means a lot to them and they will keep on promoting your songs.

Even when you are eating or sleeping them there are busy promoting your songs Mbunga Artists you really have work to do but all I see you keep releasing songs one Artist releasing a number of songs in less than 2 weeks you don’t really have time to let your song to reach out to the people give your songs some space promote them everyday life let the people pressure you to release another song be in the studio work on your songs balance them let them hit the people badly even when a show is made for you, you are able to pull hundreds of people because of your nice songs and one more thing.

As I conclude please know your popularity that even when you are called you are able to give the people who called you a (PROFIT) not a (LOSE) it’s so shameful to charge people who called you for a show a lot of money which you can’t give them back that’s not business as an Artist have a room in your heart to think twice to say if I charge them this much what if it doesn’t come back to them you know after the show both of you should be happy the Artist and the one who Hired you not the one who Hired you is not happy that shouldn’t make sense to you so promote your songs and reduce in releasing any how and any song you release should have a target for people to love your songs.
D13. one love to all Mbunga Artists.💓

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