A night in the studio with Brizzy and Ybee

Some names that have been popping up on the mbunga music scene lately “Ybee Shabah” and “Brizzy.” The two talented artists based in Sesheke are making their mark on mbunga. Ybee Shabah is currently making headlines with his hit single “Sipobe Mungoli” which has blown up in places Sesheke, Senanga, Kaoma just to mention a few, the song has secured him a name on the street. He then dropped “Marriage Material” which received so much love from the fans the artist solidified the whole thing. Brizzy on the other hand has been in the limelight for quite some time now since he started working with his business partner Rich Kid Barotse.

I met Brizzy a couple months before coming to Sesheke when I was coming back from Kalabo placing through Mongu heading to Kaoma. He was in Mongu for school and since we have been working together for some time, and never met in person I made it my mission to see him when I was in Mongu. I called him and asked if we could meet at FlyTime as I was in Mongu, he said okay great just give me a few minutes I will be coming. I waited for a good 20 minutes after that I called him again as I was waiting for him at FlyTime, he told me his situation and said if I can come through at Lwewanika that would be great. So I went there and my first impression of him when we first met was this guy is so cool and humble, he greeted me with a smile on his face even though things were not fine, his mom had been admitted at Lwewanika General Hospital.

It’s my second day in Sesheke, the first day I spent most of it at home though I did pass by the famous BM Records in Sesheke where I met with the likes of Ybee Shabah, Stigo, and Uncle BM as he is popularly known.

My second day was rather interesting, it started off just like any other regular day. Went to bed a bit late last night so I was still in bed at 9:00am (haha life of a blogger.) So, I picked up the phone and called Ybee Shabah “Yo sup? you at the studio? okay, I will be coming in a bit.” Honestly, I don’t know how we moved from Sesheke to Katima, oh I remember Brizzy was in town for some business, so around 15 or 16 so Ybee and I tagged around and went to Katima with him. The program was just gonna meet the guys then come back.

When we got there it was already getting dark outside, actually met Tizzy Bwoy for the first time at The Movement, found the guys playing FIFA, so I greeted the guys and headed to the studio. 

Without wasting time Brizzy jumped on the PC and started playing songs they have been working on, one of them is “Password.” After some minutes Rich Kid Barotse came back after attending to some business, this was actually my first time meeting the dude. Anyway, Brizzy started playing around on FL Studio and there’s this beat he started making, he asked Ybee to make a chorus for it, though Ybee’s voice was tripping he managed to put the whole chorus, and that song is “Akuna Zepala Inonge.”   

“It’s currently 20:46hrs as am typing this on my second day in Sesheke, and am in Katima in The Movement studio witnessing the making of another hit,” I wrote, and it sure came out to be a hit.

Thank you for reading!

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